Porttrait of Erin Castellano smiling. blonde hair and blue eyes

About Me

My name is Erin Castellano and here, you will find out many things about me including my aspirations and and also what I have created. I am continuously striving towards a career in Social Media Managing. I am a motivated and responsible worker as a Social Media Manager with 1+ years of experience.

I have been given opportunities that allow me to learn about leadership and collaboration and I am ambitious and dedicated, willing to take on more experiences. I have encountered opportunities combining my many skills that include writing for communications, creative writing, graphic design, and more. The best way that I express myself is through writing and producing media for communications. I find that communicating with an audience is the most effective way of any media or writing piece because it allows the audience to engage on many personal and relatable levels.

I have been working for The Hawk Newspaper for about a year now and I have discovered how important it is to inform the general public about what they need to know not just through writing, but also video or photographic content to support the story.This has lead me to become Social Media Manager for The Hawk, which has allowed me to combine my writing skills and execute them through more content. This past year I have put both my communications and writing skills together and I am excited to keep progressing and to share my work with the world!

Click here for my reflection that discusses my several design choices, intentions for my audience, and evaluation!