Published Lifestyle Article

cover photo of article on The Hawk Newspaper's website by Erin Castellano. Graphics of building blocks that spell babysitter

Here is an article I wrote for The Hawk Newspaper about the opportunity many students at St. Joe's get to babysit for families living in the surrounding PA areas. Click on the link above the photo for more.

Published News Article

news article by Erin Castellano called birth control policy rolled back.The cover image is a pack of birth control.

This is an article I wrote that focused on the rolling back of the federal requirement mandating that employers include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans and the effect it had on many St. Joe's faculty members. Click on the link above the photo for more.

Social Media Analytics

Cover photo of a power-point presentation that reads The Hawk Newspaper Social Media Analytics in white letters, with a dark green background, and a red circle design

Listed below are the Summer 2018 Social Media Analytics for The Hawk Newspaper that I created. Data included provides insight to the company on the current the most effective content, time, and engagement with the audience. It is a way for the presence of the newspaper to continue to strengthen. Click on the link above the photo for more.

Graphic Design: Swipe Up Ad

Sample of graphically designed swipe up ad for social media, particularly Instagram and Snapchat stories. The ad displays the Planet Fitness Gold Card Feature, only $25.99 for benefits of the black card plus even more

This executes my graphic designing skills. It is an example of a Swipe Up Ad that would appear on Instagram or Snapchat stories for a new Planet Fitness feature.

Blog Post

Preview of a blog post called Hello Humans, Goodbye Resume by Erin Castellano. This image features the first line of the post that introduces what is going to be said along with a funny gif of a cartoon

I wrote this blog post highlighting the importance of emotional design. My primary focus is on creating design personas to effectively produce a human to human connection between the designer and the audience. This post executes my skills for writing to effectively communicate with others and to encourage them and provide multiple opportunities to engage.