Erin Castellano

Peronsal Statement

Ten years ago, the role of a Social Media Manager may have not even existed, but today it is almost deemed necessary for any product, company, or organization to have one. In order to successfully grasp this role, it is crucial to guide a specific presence profitably through this specific outlet, and for this outcome to occur, there are traits and skills set directly relevant to the Social Media Manager role. Of course it is probable that any person filling this position is skilled in things such as HTML, PowerPoint, advertising communications, broadcast media, lesson planning, writing for media, and community outreach, but over the course of my 1 and ½ year background in journalistic Social Media outreach as the Social Media Manager at The Hawk Newspaper, I have come to believe that a motivated and responsible individual that is both willing to lead this process and uphold an open mind to collaboration with others is considered vital for effective communication to a targeted audience.

Another obligation of a Social Media Manager is to produce data analytics for the social media accounts of his or her certain job to gain perception on the most effective way to promote content through social media. Aspects included are that of time of day to share content, types of media shared whether it be photos, videos, or text, due to the behavioral psychology of the audience. Finally, a particularly bad trend, but yet quite popular of Social Media Managers is what can be known as “canned responses.” In this case, giving automated responses to consumers discourages them and does not replicate the character of the particular business.

This concludes that it is important for a Social Media Manger to construct an individual engagement strategy for each platform which addresses all kinds of consumers, by finding platforms that will allow one to manage all social media accounts in a variety of ways. The entire premise of engaging through social media is to connect to others on a personal level, in order for them to feel associated enough to stay loyal to the specific product, company, or organization.


  • Social Media Communications, Social Media Advertising, HTML, Wordpress, HootSuite, Adobe, Writing, Creative Writing, Writing for Communications

Work Experience

The Hawk Newspaper, Philadelphia PA-Social Media Manager

January 2018-Present

International Sports Center, Cherry Hill, NJ-Summer Camp Counselor

June 2017-Present

Babysitter/Part-time Nanny, Philadelphia, PA and Haddon Heights, NJ


Yogo Factory, Haddon Township, NJ

August 2015-August 2016


Saint Joseph's University

August 2016-Present

Paul VI High School

September 2012-June 2016